Enchant Your Wedding Tale with Beyond Slideshows by eOBJX

Take your wedding celebration to memorable happily ever after with the magical power of the world’s first artificially intelligent multimedia DJ. 


Once upon a time, in the heart of wedding dreams, Beyond Slideshows by eOBJX was born – a magical realm where the ordinary turned extraordinary. Here, we bid farewell to the dull and mundane slideshows, and introduce you to the world’s first artificially intelligent multimedia DJ, ready to weave enchantment into your wedding day. Prepare to embark on a fairy tale journey of love, laughter, and limitless memories.

The Magic of Beyond Slideshows

In the enchanted land of Beyond Slideshows, we promise you a tale like no other …

Capture Every Spellbinding Moment

Invite your friends, family, and cherished guests to share their photos, videos, and GIFs, capturing the moments before, during, and after your wedding.

The AI DJ’s Spellbinding Symphony

Our AI DJ (eOBJX), the maestro of multimedia, orchestrates dynamic shows that play ceaselessly, even as new memories are added. It’s a symphony of sights and sounds, crafting an ever-evolving tale of your love.

Immerse in the Fairytale

Watch in awe as these mesmerizing multimedia shows come to life, projected onto a grand screen, the venue’s wall, or even within an immersive LED room. Your love story takes center stage, surrounded by enchantment.

The Treasure Chest of Memories

At the stroke of midnight, when the wedding bells have ceased to ring, you’ll find:

A Magical Zip File

We gather all these precious memories, presenting them to you and your beloved in a single, convenient zip file. A treasure chest filled with diverse perspectives and emotions, capturing the essence of your day.

A Video Keepsake

As dawn breaks, we craft a beautiful video keepsake, preserving the enchantment and love of your wedding. A cinematic masterpiece to cherish forever.

Why Choose Beyond Slideshows?

Unveil Your Inner Cinderella

Beyond Slideshows will reveal the magic you’ve always dreamed of, turning your wedding into a real-life fairy tale.

A Love Story For the Ages

Transform your special day into a collaborative memory-making event, involving all your loved ones in your love story.

No Fairy Godmother Needed

Bid farewell to the worries of boring slideshows. Let us be your fairy godmother, creating magic while you live your day.



A Whimsical Dance of Moments

Beyond Slideshows and its mystical eOBJX weave a tale of ever-changing visuals, like a dance of fireflies on a warm summer night. No more dull repetition; it’s an enchanting waltz of memories.


Guests Become Storytellers

In the kingdom of eOBJX, every guest is a cherished storyteller. They can share photos, videos, gifs, and even livestream, casting their own enchantments into the wedding narrative.


Sensory Magic Unfolds

Unlike the slumbering static slideshows, eOBJX conjures a sensory experience that evolves with each heartbeat of the celebration. It’s like discovering a new chapter of a fairy tale at every turn.


A Tapestry of Visual Delights

Imagine a tapestry woven with threads of photos, videos, and gifs, all harmoniously blending into a spellbinding masterpiece. With eOBJX, it’s a reality, and your wedding is the enchanted loom.


Versatile Fairy Godmother

Beyond Slideshows allows you to choose where eOBJX works its magic – be it a grand ballroom wall, a grand screen, or even an immersive LED chamber. Your wish is its command.


Tailored Enchantment

eOBJX is like a benevolent sorcerer, ready to tailor its enchantments to match your wedding’s theme, colors, and style. Each show is a unique spell crafted just for you.


Banishing Boredom Forever

No more yawns at repetitive slideshows. With eOBJX, the tale unfolds continuously, keeping guests enchanted and wide-eyed, like characters in a timeless story.


Real-Time Enchantment

eOBJX is a true magician, composing its spells in real-time as your wedding unfolds. It captures every spontaneous moment, ensuring your story is told as it happens.


A Fairytale Ending

In the end, Beyond Slideshows with eOBJX ensures that your wedding story isn’t just a static memory but a living, breathing fairy tale that lingers in the hearts of all who attended.

Testimonials From HappILY EVER AFTER Endings

Hear the tales of brides and wedding planners whose dreams came true with Beyond Slideshows

“Beyond Slideshows sprinkled fairy dust on our wedding. Every moment felt like a magical dream.”


“As a wedding planner, I’ve witnessed countless love stories, but Beyond Slideshows added an extra touch of magic to my client’s wedding.”




Dynamic Engagement

Beyond Slideshows offers dynamic and immersive engagement, captivating guests throughout the wedding with continuously evolving visuals.


Continuous Evolution

Unlike static slideshows that repeat the same content, eOBJX auto-composes in real-time, ensuring each moment is unique and exciting.


Guest Participation

Wedding guests actively contribute by uploading photos, videos, gifs, and livestreams, making them an integral part of the celebration.


Fresh Sensory Experience

eOBJX provides a fresh sensory experience, creating delightful surprises and enhancing the overall ambiance of the wedding.


Visual Variety

With eOBJX, you enjoy a wide range of multimedia elements, including photos, videos, gifs, and livestreams, making the display visually rich and engaging.


Versatile Projection

Beyond Slideshows lets you choose from various projection options, such as big screens, venue walls, or immersive LED rooms, ensuring flexibility in presentation.


Customized Themes

You can personalize eOBJX shows to match your wedding’s theme, colors, and style, adding a unique and personal touch.


Eliminate Boredom

Bid farewell to static, repetitive slideshows that can become dull. eOBJX keeps the excitement and entertainment factor high for your guests.


Real-Time Composition

eOBJX auto-composes in real-time, reflecting live moments as they happen, resulting in a seamless and dynamic visual experience that captures the essence of the wedding.

Write Your Fairytale Ending

Are you ready to write the most enchanting chapter of your love story? Beyond Slideshows by eOBJX is here to make your dreams come true. Begin your enchanted journey today. Let’s create a wedding that lives happily ever after.