Frequently Asked Questions.

Here are some common questions about Beyond Slideshows.

The only live wedding service which allows you, on-demand, to show what you want or allow the AI to do all the work for you.  Want to see just the bride’s family photos and videos, no problem.  Want to see the groom’s family photos integrated with today’s wedding photos, no problem.  Can’t decide, let the AI surprise you with endless combinations of content, media, format and effect choices.

Beyond the simple slideshow, the Wedding Package creates endlessly entertaining mixes in a variety of visual formats for your enjoyment that runs endlessly.  No show is the same.  Further, you have the control to watch what you want on demand.  For instance, just the videos, just the bride’s content, just the content from the wedding, everything all mixed together and more.

Our Wedding Packages allow everyone at the wedding to share and enjoy groom and bride historical images and videos as well as those created on the wedding day and after.  Both guests and bride groom may have access.  All that is required is for the service to be given the media to work with.  Everyone can add from their phone and have their content immediately integrated into the shows.  No need for anyone to do any editing or spending endless hours organizing.  You simply select which playlist you would like to use and our AI will create endless shows during the whole reception or let the AI of  do all the selection for you..  You can change the playlist at any time.

Beyond Slideshows is unique in that it is powered by our AI.  The AI is your own Content DJ.  Each time you select a playlist the AI makes choices such as: which content, formats, filters.  This is especially true with our Gold tier where the AI will select to integrate all the Bride, Groom and Wedding Day content, or select one or two.

Playback is begun by choosing one of the playlists in the dropdown menu.  While playing you can control the playback:

  1. You may stop playback with the STOP button
  2. You may pause/resume playback with the Play/Pause button
  3. You may also pause/resume by pressing the space bar on your keyboard
  4. You may enter manual mode by double-clicking any object
  5. Choose an alternate playback will immediately stop current and start newly chosen

For a Venue: You will need a computer (Windows, Chrome OS, MAC) that is capable of running a browser (we recommend, test and support the latest version of Chrome, though Brave and Edge seem to work quite well ) with an internet connection with adequate download speed.  We cannot offer support on other browsers.   You use another browser at your own risk; however Chromium based browsers are your best choice.  

A projector or large screen TV/monitor.

Wifi may be sufficient, but is not preferred. For performance reasons, we recommend no other tabs be open in the browser and that you have a minimum of 4GB of RAM/memory on the computer. The more, the better.  The faster the processor, the better.

A Mobile Hotspot created with your phone may suffice for wifi depending upon your carrier and their service.  Please test this out in advance as carriers and coverage vary greatly.

For the Audience: A browser on IOS or Android is all that is required to submit content. We advise allowing the audience/guests to utilize their network provider for uploads versus all on the same network, such as wifi.

We do not supply any equipment for your event in our base packages.  We only supply the service. Equipment that may be needed include:

  1. Computer
  2. Internet
  3. Projector
  4. Screen

Yes.  As soon as we have setup your event, you may play around with it to become familiar

The browser tab that Beyond Slideshows is showing in or the desktop of the computer running the browser is displayed via a HDMI connection or cast via such as Chromecast.  Best for the browser to be in full screen mode.  Utilize browser zoom to adjust to your screen size.  The computer must be connected to the internet the entire time

Multiple projections are allowed, supported and encouraged.  Remember that each show does its own thing.  They will not be the same which can be even more fun.

You do not need two computers for even if using the Admin panel.   There are two ways to have different screens/tabs on the same computer when projecting.

  1. Casting
    When you cast, such as Chromecast, you can cast just the tab where that is playing.  You can then open another tab for a second portal, such as Admin.

When connecting your computer via HDMI you can choose to mirror or not.  If you wish two windows – portals , do not mirror.  Just make sure the other window is the one being projected. 

Yes.  As soon as your service is available, content can be added.

There are several ways to moderate content, but it is important that one understand what occurs when content is added.  The content is simply added to the pool of available content for the next time a PLAY is invoked.   It is NOT injected into the PLAY currently showing.


  1. Realtime Content Moderation
    Available in all tiers of service: Starter, Basic and Premium
    During a PLAY/showing you can immediately take an action on the object of interest by double-clicking it and then Deleting it if you wish.  Though you can do this on the then projected PLAY we advise using a secondary browser tab or computer to do this.  If done during the projected PLAY you will need restart the selected show.

  2. PrePlay Content Moderation
    Available in Premium tier of service
    The Objx UI in Premium displays tiled icons of all content.  The default display is last added first shown – newest.  On a secondary tab or computer by having this display up and frequently refreshed you will see content as it is added to the pool of content media prior to integration into a PLAY.  The content can stay unplayed for many minutes dependent upon the duration of the current PLAY.

    If you wish to remove recently added content, simply select it and then click the Delete key OR you may double-click for a full scale view and then Delete, if you wish.

  3. ADD-On Human Moderation
    Available in all tiers of service: Starter, Basic and Premium
    You may hire a team of our professionals to take on the task of moderating your content for you.  Simply add this item to your cart and indicate the number and specific range of hours that the team should perform this duty.

Content Moderation Delay
You may set a content delay to allow for moderation for all playbacks or just some of them.  For instance, it could be a 5 minute delay before content would qualify for inclusion of a play/show.  It should be noted that a very large delay will impact the realtime aspect of content appearing during a play/show.

Content may be deleted during manual playback .  Double-click the content you wish to delete to enter manual playback.  Press the Delete or Backspace key on your keyboard and a confirmation modal will be presented.  NOTE: this is final and undoable.  Resume playback by selecting from the dropdown.

An Admin Portal is available in our Gold Service if you require additional overview capabilities and the ability to delete outside of playback.  In addition to the using the Delete key there is a Delete button in the user interface.

Yes.  Simply select a playlist from the playback dropdown menu.  The content is automatically assembled and displayed according to the choices you make.  The playlist will play infinitely. Or you may choose to leave playback entirely up to the AI by selecting that playlist.

You need to share your “ADD” URL with your audience.  This can be included as part of the playback experience, by displaying a QR code on handouts, on posters, etc.  It could also be an NFC tag.  There is no app and no downloads required.

Your audience adds photos and videos (i.e. “objects”) using their mobile phones. There are two ways you can use the mobile ADD:

  1. ADD something that is already in the roll/library of the device
  2. Take a photo/create a video immediately and then upload it

NOTE: if you have difficulty with #2, just take a photo or create a video, then click ADD and utilize #1. On IOS you may get audio, but the visual element of the video may not show.  This does not occur using method #1.

NOTE: Please use landscape for best video viewing

Yes – 100 MB per file is the largest file size eObjx is allowing. Larger file sizes will slow down your uploads too.  We advise keeping this small.

The videos may be any length; however, the file size cannot exceed 100 MB.  We recommend shorter videos in general given today’s shorter attention spans. Uploading is dependent upon the network being used. Expect much slower uploads if your files are large.   Showing large videos can have a delay if your internet connection is slow.

The controls are at the top of the computer screen, but are hidden until you hover your mouse over them in Starter, Basic and Premium.  Additional controls are hidden below the playback area in Premium.  Hover your mouse over to reveal and use.

No.  Beyond Slideshows is designed to be immersive – for the audience to be watching and engaged with the projected playback on a big screen.  IOS and Android browsers act differently and have restrictions different from desktop browsers.

It is possible to offer playback with our Webcast/Livestream ADD-On option however.  People would then have the possibility of viewing on YouTube the same as another video, but this one is live, as the event is happening.

Just select a new playlist.  Interruptions are usually due to the internet.

If you are experiencing any hesitation or stuttering of the playback it may be that your computer or your internet service provider speeds are insufficient.  If you discover this to be true, we suggest you only play images.  An image only playback is available in the dropdown.

When presenting utilize the Full Screen capability of your computer (Windows (F11) or MAC) or browser.  If you wish to further adjust how the content portion of the eObjx utilize the Zoom In or Zoom Out capability of your browser and/or scroll to further adjust.

On most computers you may use the 0, + or – to further adjust your zoom.  These are generally used in conjunction with the CTRL or CMD key.

It is important that your computer does not go to sleep which will interrupt the playback.  Power Settings on your computer should be adjusted to prevent this from happening.  On the MAC utilize Energy Saver. On Windows Power & Sleep.