Take your wedding reception fun to extraordinary and memorable heights with the power of our artificially intelligent multimedia DJ. 

Welcome to Beyond Slideshows: Where Your Love Story Shines Bright

You, the bride or groom, and your wedding planner are the heroes in this enchanting journey. You dream of creating a wedding experience that goes beyond ordinary, a day that will forever be etched in hearts.

Banish Boring Slideshows Forever

But, let’s face it. Traditional wedding slideshows can be dull, lacking the magic your love story deserves. They fall short of capturing the essence of your dream wedding, leaving you yearning for something more.

Meet BEYOND SLIDESHOWS BY eOBJX: Your Wedding's Creative Genius

That’s where we come in. Meet eOBJX, the world’s first artificially intelligent multimedia DJ. Imagine a world where your guests upload their photos, videos, GIFs, and even livestreams. eOBJX steps in as your creative guide, weaving these precious moments into an immersive show that dances on a big screen, venue walls, or within a mesmerizing LED room.

Transforming YOUR Moments into Magic

Unlike static slideshows that merely replay, eOBJX is a living, breathing artist. It auto-composes continuously in real-time, ensuring that your wedding is an ever-evolving masterpiece, always creating a fresh sensory experience.

Ready to Create Your Dream Wedding?

Crafting Memories, One Moment at a Time

Turning Love Stories into Works of Art

Because YOUR Love Deserves Nothing Less Than Magic